Walk animation


I made this 3-frame walk animation, 10x16 pixels. Going to use it in a game.
Guess which game :wink:



Lemmings ? :pray:


I think 10x16 might be a bit big for lemmings :frowning:
It might be enough for a Homers game though!

But… is it lemmings?


Little computer people?


Good guesses, but not found yet. The character is not that tiny in the game.


Fortnite, I guess?


An intriguing idea, but not quite :wink:


Tip #2


Any ideas :wink:


Manic Miner / Jetset Willie!


That is correct! I am not doing a remake but something that has been inspired by Jet Set Willy for Spectrum.

I am using spectrum like graphics because it is not so demanding to do myself. As I am not a very good player myself I am not making this as hard as games of the 80ies.


I also like the surrealistic theme of JSW.


Reminds me of the song “hey hey 16k”



Jet Set Willy, eh!?!!

This is a serious company, dammit! Making serious technological advances!


What show is that?


Watch. It’s very worth it.


Wow! Definitely worth the watch.


Micro men, I will try, one of my favorite books is fire in the valley, I may not have any skills to make codes but I’m definitly a junkie.
sure I usually use a mac, never once opened the terminal until I got my Pocket chip broke my heart when I had to put it on the shelf, and working 6 days a week doesn’t give a lot of time to learn anymore.

it wasn’t on netflix, but there is a show called silicon cowboys about the founders of Compaq


Aha, I thought I recognised the voice.
Took me a few moments to realise because of the makeup,
but that’s Alexander Armstrong playing Clive Sinclair.

About a decade ago he was part of a double act doing a sketch series called ‘Amrstrong & Miller’.
These days he hosts a gameshow called ‘Pointless’.

The problem with programming is that it takes a long time to get good at,
and it can be incredibly boring at times,
so you need a lot of patience and determination.