USB Pins?

I would like to use the USB port to create an MSC device. Specifically, I’d like an app that exposes the SD card as an MSC device to copy files to/from, because I’ve already dropped the card into my Pokitto once. Seems like there’s an example of doing just this on mbed, and it’s very, very short. But I need to know which pins the USB data +/- lines are on.

Looking through the LPC11U6x manual doesn’t help much - the pins table just labels them USB_DM and USB_DP. The mbed software seems to imply that I can assign them to any GPIO pins, which means it’s going to depend on the Pokitto hardware. Looking through the PokittoLib for USB turns up lots of references to the USB serial connections, but nothing about the data pins.

If I’m right, could someone provide the port/pin numbers, or maybe point me to the schematics to try and puzzle out? If I’m wrong, let me know where I went wrong so I know better next time, and (again) maybe provide the port/pin numbers to save me a bit of time?


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I hear you. Pinout coming.

BTW there is a USB -> SD example on mbed site, I have seen it. Also IFIRC an application note of the same exists on NXP site.

Yeah, that (well, those - I find more than one) is the example I was talking about. Apparently I just need to instantiate the USBSD_SD class with the appropriate pins! If that works, import PokittoLib to put up a display that says “Don’t forget to unmount or eject the disk!” and it’s done.

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