[Tutorial] Making my old game "Operation Fox" to run on Pokitto

Hello all

This will be a series that will show you, step by step, how I go about porting my “Operation Fox” game to run on Pokitto. I already have the black-and-white version running. So I figured it can’t be all that much work :wink:

In this series, I will show you my workflow, how I set up the project, and start coding, as well as how I handle the graphics etc.

The format of the series will be annotated videos.

We will go from this:


To this:


First video coming up soon.

Part 1 video - setting up project structure


Man I can’t wait to see this game on Pokitto


Looks great :+1:

Please watch the videos, they are very short, and give me feedback if I go too fast or too slow.


Warning this is all in my humble opinion:
If the videos are going to be that short, you might consider releasing several of them at a time.
The topic covered in the first video is very limited: basically you download 2 zipfiles and unpack them :slight_smile:
For me you are definitely not going too fast. If I was new here, this would not get me excited to start following the tutorial (because of the very tiny first step, the end goal is exciting enough).

Or maybe you could make them a bit longer?

I suppose Jonne is in the end going to put all the videos in one place. So eventually the problem is solved.

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Thanks for the feedback, I will do exactly that