Top 5 favorite titles on Pokitto?

I know a topic like this has already been discussed over here started by @crait but I’d like to kind of start it again since some time has passed.

This time, what are your top 5 favorites on Pokitto? (They don’t have to be in top 5 order, just top 5 in general) :smiley: I’ll start:

  • Pysconian
  • Galaxy Fighters
  • Crabator
  • Cutie Critters
  • Pokitto Grand Prix

These lists are super hard to make :laughing:

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Planet Escape
Rayne 2
Lode Runner

I think those are my current favourite, i really tried to not put all PPOT games here.


Rayne 2 was easily in my top 2 when it came out :eyes:

I really love Planet Escape but every time I’ve tried it I get save errors :frowning: which may be my SD card but not known for sure.

My top (in no particular order) …

Rayne 2
Abbaye des morts
Pokitto Grand Prix



  • A Pokitto classic! Just the correctly balanced puzzle for me. I have played this a lot in the past!

Kong II

  • The game I have played the most within the last year (which is not awfully lot as I am a lazy gamer)

Galaxy Fighters

  • This game is so beautifully animated. A pleasure to watch. Real coin-up look and feel!

Mambo is me

  • Ingenious puzzles. I should play this more!


  • Too hard for me, but a top quality game. Needs a trainer mode :wink:

P.s. I am amazed Pokitto Grand Prix is on the lists :slight_smile: I have not heard anybody playing it for at least a year!

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For me lately its been
Kong II
Galaxy Fighter
Dark Ritual

But these are more so the top 5 I’m currently playing a lot of. I vary my list constantly with the plethora of fun and addicting games.


Lately is the key here yes :smiley: if I asked a few weeks ago Ball Bust would’ve been on my list haha, and Abbaye.

It is the racing title to play on Pokitto. I was a huge fan of F-Zero and this gives me those vibes :smiley:

I still have a whole plan to create a few courses as a sort of “cup” like in Mariokart.

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Joe Goes Pop
C-Loader Menu :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh! Noggin is definitely in my favorites list. Super unique and fun!

:eyes: how is this one coming?..

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Slowly, I got distracted with my tile engine again :frowning:

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Well both projects are awesome to me :smiley: but I definitely see Joe Goes Pop making my consistent top played games :eyes:

Thank you @hanski … this was a labour of love for me!

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Top 5 lists need to be redone tomorrow.

I have just been playing Omega Horizon and it is a work of art


Might need to start a "What are you playing this week? Thread :grin:

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Its great isn’t it?

I helped Vamps with a small issue and managed to get myself a copy early.

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