[Tool]Gameboy Emulator



I am playing through the 24 Gameboy Homebrew games. There are some really good puzzle games included.

They are all packaged with the green color scheme and the “DMWS” frame.

Looks really good. Fun to play also



Official release will come later.

If you do not know how to fix “the white screen” by putting a bin on your Pokitto, then this unofficial release is not for you. Wait for the official release thread

release.zip (1.3 MB)

Edit: you should put these on an SD card, not like this directly to the Pokitto flash memory

Basket Case Boy
Bounce Maze
Casual Boy
Deck Bouncer
Dumblin Dungeon
Flappy Boy
Mona and the Witches’ Hat
Patrick’s Pocket Challenge
Polka Sheep
Popcorn Caravan
Pretty Princess Castle Escape
Sheep It Up
Shield Bouncer
Super Princess
The Leak
The Bouncing Ball

EDIT: yes, I intend to reach out for the authors. All of these roms are available for free, but in case any one of them does not like the idea, I will remove their roms from the list

EDIT2: Non runners (not white screen, but just the game does not run)

  • polka sheep
  • popcorn caravan
  • snakebird
  • snake


Can you post the gb files that don’t run? I’ll see if I can debug them when I get home.


These ones do not run

Popcorn.bin (219.9 KB)
snake.bin (219.8 KB)
snakbird.bin (219.9 KB)
polkashp.bin (219.9 KB)


Those are the bins… where are you getting the gb roms from?


From the author’s itch.io / gamejolt pages

nonrunning_gb.zip (72.2 KB)



A very good idea to bring HB games to Pokitto. And the music is so cute in the video!


I’m still debugging this, but I uploaded a new release for testing.

  • Performance has been improved. In some games it is much better (Bomb Jack, Motocross Maniacs).
  • I managed to get Popcorn Caravan to work by forcing it to MBC0 instead of MBC1. popcorn_mbc0.zip (243.0 KB)
  • Sheep It Up runs alright, as far as I can tell.


How can you improve performance more and more? This must come to an end!
Freaking wizard :exploding_head:


Generally it’s about finding ways to do less without breaking too much. :stuck_out_tongue:


Minor update: the converter can now be used on a phone (without drag-and-drop).


does anyone have a converted version of Kirbys dream land?


I am pretty sure the Kirby games are too big to fit in ram. So probably not.


its 102k with sound, so probably, I thought I had the rom but I don’t.


Sound or not doesn’t matter. It still had to load the full rom even if sound isn’t emulated.


The kirby roms are at least 256kB, with some being 512kB.
The maximum ROM size supported by the emulator is 128kB.


I finally found some time to try the new fw, gamedisk and this superb emulator!


Glad you’re enjoying it!
Once the loader is stable, it should be possible to implement support for multiple save states, a more intuitive UI and a bunch of other features in this emulator.
I hope to get back to it soon. :slight_smile:


As i have a lot of original gameboy consoles i prefer playing my games on the original systems, but you did a damn good job and it is a lot of fun to see what’s possible. I especially like all this custom stuff line those pretty boarders😉
And i can hide some of my most love games if i am somewhere i can’t carry my big gameboy around! Thanks a lot for this great idea.