I played rugby at school.

“Scrum” doesn’t give me any positive feelings, just recollections of dirty tricks


All of it? :stuck_out_tongue:

As a Brazilian, I know rugby is a sport that involves two teams and a ball. For some reason the referee doesn’t stop the game when someone’s hands come in contact with said ball. Madness.


We use 2 weeks scrum at work. The main things for me is that by it we get the things done more efficiently (but somewhat sacrificing the quality), and that we can change the course (i.e. re-prioritize) after every two weeks.

The bad side is that one do not get a bigger picture as you are mostly thinking about the problems which you can solve in 2 weeks.


Typical proven practices in a scrum:

  • stepping on opponents foot with cleats, hard
  • biting the earlobe
  • headbutting
  • forcing player in between down to ground and/or dislocating shoulder
  • punching in the nuts

so I totally get why it has such appeal in software development


Some forms of management make it feel quite often like 3 and 5 from your list.


It does sacrifice quality, but, to a point, that is a good thing. Perfection is the enemy of getting things done.

During the sprint, yes, you focus on the tasks that you committed to. For those tasks to exist it means that at some point you also have to step back and look at the bigger picture.

So that’s what I’ve been doing wrong. Can’t wait to show the team how it’s done on the next daily!


Aye, kids are cruel.

I was fortunate because the nastier boys at my school were also quite weedy and I wasn’t,
so when it came to rugby they’d either stay out of my way or end up on the floor in a puddle of mud.

If you think that’s crazy, sometimes the referee doesn’t even stop the game when the participants are covered in cuts and bruises. :P

Not to mention it’s typically played in the cold, wet wintertime,
so there’s a 90% chance of everyone being plastered in mud by the end.

Or take a leaf out of New Zealand’s books and make everyone do a haka before you get down to business. :P


Release v0.1.3

  • Java: Streaming music support with femto.Stream
  • IDE: UI polish by @bl_ackrain
  • IDE: New plugin for inspecting ELF files
  • IDE: Smart C++ autocomplete and jump-to-definition powered by clangd
  • IDE: Fix palette parsing and image conversion, especially with the Pico8 palette
  • IDE: Make sure all sourcefiles are saved before calling the compiler

Not a lot of bug fixes in this release, as I decided to focus mostly on new features for a change.

A Mac OS build is included as there doesn’t seem to be anything seriously wrong with it, aside from keyboard shortcuts being mostly broken and C++ autocomplete is disabled for now.


A lovely update.

But I do have a question regarding using the Pico8 palette.

I have updated my project.json project to include the Pico palette >

"PNGFlags": {
	"ALL": [

Alone this produces results that do no match my images - the colours are transposed with each other / the indexes are wrong.

Do I need to add in my main.cpp>

const unsigned char pico8Palette[16*3] = {
0, 0, 0, 
255, 241, 232,          // Light beige          
255, 119, 168,          // Bright Pink
41, 173, 255,           // Bright Blue          
194, 195, 199,          // Light Grey           
255, 163, 0,            // Bright Orange
255, 204, 170,          // Skin 
171, 82, 54,            // Orange / Brown
95, 87, 79,             // Dark Brown             
255, 0, 77,             // Bright Red
131, 118, 156,          // Lilac
0, 135, 81,             // Dark Green           
255, 236, 39,           // Bright Yellow
29, 43, 83,             // Dark Blue
126, 37, 83,            // Dark Mauve
0, 228, 54,             // Bright Green

int main() {


Or do I need to rework the images to align the colours and indexes with your sequence?


Try replacing the buildpng plugin with buildpng.js and adding this to your project.json:

	"PNGFlags": {
		"ALL": [

If it still doesn’t work as expected, can you get on discord so we can check this more quickly?


I am loving the new version - it is becoming quite a polished little IDE.

A couple of issues / suggestions:

  • add the minimise / maximise buttons onto the form.
  • ability for the graphics editor to detect the palette specified in the project.json file and automatically populate that palette.
  • tabs (oh, I have already said that).
  • search (I know this is a WIP).
  • ability to swap the keyboard buttons so that the ‘A’ is to the right of the ‘B’ key, (I know we have spoken about this, but I wonder if others would like that ability)


Release v0.1.4

  • Java: Added getByte, getShort, getInt, getFloat to binary files
  • Java: Fix bug with missing methods
  • Java: Fix bug with broken enum in function return type
  • IDE: Tabs
  • IDE: Side-by-side editing (Ctrl+Click on a tab to open in alternate pane)
  • IDE: Fix bug with “Open Externally” on Windows
  • IDE: Right-click on files in the tree view for menu
  • IDE: Show estimated percentage of available RAM/Flash in ELF file inspector
  • IDE: Add support for folders in SD card image (thanks @bl_ackrain!)
  • IDE: Fix typo in EXT.js (thanks @HomineLudens!)
  • IDE: Disassemble last compilation with: Edit -> Disassemble
  • IDE: Editor -> Find In Project
  • IDE: New splash screen
  • C++: Updated PokittoLib

Edit: Patched & Re-uploaded the Mac build due to some missing files.


@FManga Excellent! These tools you make are really amazing! Without them, who knows… I would be coding in Visual Basic or maybe in something even worse :upside_down_face:


Does FemtoIDE now support having projects elsewhere than under the FemtoIDE/projects folder?


Does being able to change the projects folder in config.js count?


Great, I will try that :slight_smile: I want to use the same folder for the simulator project and FemtoIDE project. So the project main folder would be the C:\PokittoLib\Examples.

Hmm, maybe I could use c:\FemtoIDEPokittoLib\Examples instead as PokittoLib is already there. I suppose nothing prevents using that folder for the CodeBlocks Simulator projects also(?).


@fmanga Did you draw the new FemtoIDE startup picture? It is very nice :slight_smile:


Its awesome isn’t it!


I am still hoping @fmanga would make a comic strip for the next issue of the Pokitto Magazine :wink:


The new “Find in project” command in Femto is really helpful!