I don’t seem to have a plugins directory.


I forgot it’s kinda hidden on OSX, here’s the full path:


(You can use Show Contents with Finder’s contextual menu (on the FemtoIDE app) by the way, or Finder’s Go > Go to Folder in order to access things inside an application)


That did the trick!

A new question - how to suppress the .DS_Store files?

Is there any way to search across all files?


That is not possible in FemtoIDE. Hopefully in the future versions it is :slight_smile:


Not sure what you mean with suppress the files. Are they appearing in the file list?

As for the search, that feature is also in progress: press F3 or type search() in the command line. To hide it, type clearSearch().


One of those annoying little Mac things - it automatically creates a .DS-Store file in each directory when you change view settings. It is usually hidden but some programs (like FemtoIDE) do not filter the hidden files out when enumerating the folder contents.

Sorry to keep jumping the gun! I know it is a WIP.


Some previews of features coming in the next release:

  • UI polish by @bl_ackrain.
  • Jump-to-declaration and autocomplete in C++ projects.
  • Flash/RAM space summary when you click on the compiled ELF file.


Looks great - will it be available on Mac :slight_smile:

I am not sure if this is easy or hard to do but tabs would be awesome.


Yeah, I’ll upload a Mac build too. Which reminds me, I still need to look at the copy+paste issue.

As for tabs, I haven’t added them just because we have an alternative in the form of shortcuts:

  • to jump to another file: Ctrl+O, type part of the filename, Enter.
  • to jump back: Ctrl+,
  • to jump forward: Ctrl+.


The patch you suggested worked to fix the cut / paste.

As for jumping back and forth. It works fine if you are jumping between two files but taxes my brain when there are many files that you are jumping between. I like tabs.


It’s not a proper fix, it causes issues on Windows/Linux.

Interesting. Generally I find tabs cumbersome because I end up with hundreds of them and I need to hunt for what I want. Instead, I find the Ctrl+O method to be less taxing. :thinking:


I had a feeling you would say that.

Is both an option??


I agree with @filmote, I also prefer having a list of opened files under the form of tabs as well, as I usually work on a reduced set of files, but I understand it can be a huge change to femto


It can be done, but there are some other things that will need to be tackled first. Maybe in the next sprint.


Sprint? Agile is the devil.


One good thing about not being a professional: I don’t understand the first thing about agile or any of those other headaches.

As far as I can remember the closest we came to that in college was a brief discussion about the waterfall model and the iterative model. (I wouldn’t be surprised if everything we discussed was obsolete by the 90s.)


What isn’t?

For this project I’m not doing “agile” (what’s the point, I’m my own stakeholder/developer/producer/scrum master :stuck_out_tongue: ) but the idea of making a release with increments that add value every 2/3 weeks (“sprints”) has been useful for keeping a steady pace. Otherwise I’d just half-implement every idea that popped into my head and would never get anything done.

That said, I’ve worked with scrum for a few years now and it totally beats waterfall or not having a process.


I had a feeling you would say that :frowning:


This is painfully true. *Stares at scrapheap of unfinished projects*

When I hear ‘scrum’, I think ‘rugby’.

(One of the few sports I actually enjoyed at school.)