Ever wanted to build a FemtoIDE project but can’t use FemtoIDE itself, for some reason? Say you don’t have enough space on your Raspberry Pi Zero, or you’re on some weird hardware that FemtoIDE doesn’t support.

FemtoBuilder to the rescue!


Since this is meant for advanced users on weird setups, it doesn’t really make sense to provide pre-built binary releases. For this reason, unlike FemtoIDE, it does not come with batteries included and you have to setup your own toolchain.

It has been verified to work on Linux, MacOS and Windows under MSYS2.

git clone --recurse-submodules git@github.com:felipemanga/FemtoBuilder.git
cd FemtoBuilder

Edit the config.json and ensure paths are correct for your system.

Compiling a Project

  • cd into the project directory (where the project.json is located)
  • Set the target in your project.json (for Pokitto, you’d have "target": "Pokitto",).
  • run FPB


  • Incremental building support.
  • Create new project from template.
  • Create compile_commands.json for IDE autocomplete support.

Would this be IDE agnostic by chance?

Yes, compile_commands.json is defined by clang tools that IDEs tend to use under the hood.

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