[Tool]Chip-8 editor on Pokitto

I don’t know if that program will work on a real Pokitto but I had the dream to create or modify Chip-8 programs directly on a device, There is still work to do but It is now a reality on the Pokitto simulator :slight_smile:


ok, nice work but isnt this a bit redundant ? I mean, you could write games with more possibilities in pokkitos own language.
Or is there a whole library of Chip-8 games we can access now ?

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It’s a Chip-8 emulator, not a way to program the Pokitto directly. You can compare this to an Amstrad CPC emulator on a PC. With the Amstrad Basic language, you only program the CPC, not the PC itself.
Yes there is a lot of Chip-8 games (Pac-man, Tetris, Space invaders, etc…) but Chip-8 is really slow and don’t use good animation technics, that’s why you can see blinking sprites.
However, this Chip-8 editor is a good start for doing something better for Pokitto, I’ve got some ideas about that :slight_smile:


I understand, to me it looked a lot like the Basic i used on the MZ-800 and that was a real pain to program in.

I’ll try this on hardware today

Edit: personally, I think this is frickkin’ awesome! Been playing around with this, its much more fun than you’d think at first.


#New working binary here:

chip8.bin (65.4 KB)

#Put these roms into “chip8rom” folder on SD

chip8rom.zip (12.5 KB)

unfortunately, @Initgraph never finished the “load” option. i.e. it only loads UserRom.ch8 and Breakout.ch8 (from load demo)

Source code is uploaded to github repository / examples so if you want to fix that problem, be my guest


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Sorry for that. I have no time to work on my personal projects for now, my new place in my job takes all my time and energy :frowning:
But I didn’t deserted the Pokitto, I will continue to work on it when I will have more time :wink:
Moreover this project is one on my favorite and my plan is to go deeper in the concept, to make something more powerful than Chip8.


Hello i want to say thank you for this cool piece. i teach kids to program and i discovered a problem… most of the kids these days don’t have a pc they often have a tablet ore smart-phone but nothing with a keyboard. we work with the “calliope” the german answerer to “bbc micro bit” . we hoped they can program at home after we teached them but …no pc.
so i was looking for other possibility. your solution to program direct on a kind of gaming device is perfect.
first you have the opportunity to mod things with simple load a program(we have started with pico8 that’s a great way to mod and get started to look at other programs)
and second you can create without any other device… and share
please if you have any time in the future finish this project(specially save and load options) I’m really looking forward to it
thank you very much for all the work


Thank you very much for your interest to my work. To my mind, programming with the pad is something that can be funny and maybe some children could like this. Moreover the Pokitto is cheaper and more pleasant than a PC or a smartphone for a children :slight_smile: I usually finish all my project even if could take a lot of time.
For now I’m working on a new way to program the menus for the UI because the old menu system is very very hard to maintain. I will post the new versions of the project here.