Time in the Forum

Not sure why, but when I post something on the forum the new post is already 19 minutes old. Why is that?


I’ve seen that too. Thought it might just be me haha

It is a bit annoying because if you edit the post immediately, it appears as an edit.

Man, time passes so fast these days!

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I can not find a reason / setting for the time issue. It possibly comes from the server. But even then the time should be correct.

Mmmm … strange.

I’ve noticed that before. I thought it had recorded the time I started composing the post, and then I always took so long composing the post that I figured that was the reason the time it was posted was in the past.

I definitely didn’t take 19 minutes to compose this reply, so I guess that theory was wrong, haha


As a temporary fix, I have increased the edit before finalize time from 10 min to 30 min


I’ve considered that myself in the past, but there were a few times I realised it probably wasn’t the case.

It seems to be 18 minutes for me in this post. (Actual time 12:56, recorded time 12:38.)

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Its a strange thing … I am assuming the server the forum is sitting on is not synchronising with anything.

I thought about that also. Its not possible because HTTPS / SSL would not work if the server was not on time

time conversion quirk?

I might be wrong, but I think the only thing where HTTPS/SSL requires a “proper” time is when checking the certificates’ expiration date, where it’s more a matter of months and less of minutes.

What’s for sure is that Discourse is being provided the wrong time - when querying the document, it replies date: Thu, 08 Jul 2021 19:02:27 GMT where it should have been something like date: Thu, 08 Jul 2021 19:21:27 GMT (response headers)

Have you tried a date command on the server’s shell just to make sure?

I will try that. I am amazed if the time is off like you said.

Edit: but theres no other explanation.

Time drift is now of 20mn I think, so the drifting seems to be of a minute / month or so