The most German thing you will see in 17 years

I almost dropped off my chair.

The accent, the jokes, the attention to detail.

Perfekt! :rofl:

(edit: please do not be offended in any way! The questionable jokes are clearly dear to the model builders - to each his own, I don’t quite follow that line of comedy. As for Germany, I have been there tens of times on business and as a tourist and I just love the combination of engineering and pure unadulterated gonzo that you come across in the land of currywurst)


Oh yes that place is very German and very awesome, they were on an episode of James May s you show about trains where they raced against him with model trains between two real cities.

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Ah, yes, my husband always wants to go there, but we never could so far :laughing:

Totally loving this. Don’t they have webcams in there? I could watch it all day.

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4 hour drive from my place, but looks really nice. Could combine it with this :