The Black Lotus - Eon

This … is pretty impressive for a normal Amiga 500

Well worth a watch, really impressive bit starts from 3:30


thank you for sharing. That’s right up my alley.

maybe an idea for a next competition: a demo competition


Impressive graphics, the music‘s rhythm doesn’t match though somehow

It’s nice, the music makes sense, all demo vids have super synthy electrotrip “music” lol

ah, i like the music, but i think it’s not synchronized to the rythm of the pictures

Yeah a lot of those demos are that way.

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I looked at other Revision 2019 demos.

After the thousands of demos and games and hundreds of demo compos, the limits of Amiga are still being pushed in 2019. I can’t wrap my brain around the idea that it is possible for someone to discover new tricks from that ancient, ancient hardware.

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The amiga was amazing and it still is, it’s like the thing was made from whatever the ocarina of time is made.
I wanted one when I was a kid just a 500 would have been perfect and this is from an apple user from way back. Heck I still want a C64 I even used my pocket chip to play little computer people for the c64 because I like them. My friend Shannon had a 64 mom offered to get me a trash 80 and I said no thanks I’ll do without

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