Supplying 3V3 through PEX

I am creating a HAT which uses a USB cable so there are some scenarios where it might be useful to supply 3V3 into the PEX 3V3 from the hat. Without the battery/pokitto usb cable connected this works fine but I can’t find a schematic which covers battery protection where 3V3 is supplied. I saw mention in a previous post of short circuit protection so maybe it’s covered.

Anyone know if this would be safe?


I have powered Pokittos from J-Link connected to the PEX which is basically the same thing you are asking. No issues.

What kind of Hat? Heavy power usage? Something cool?
I’m quite curious :grin:


How to explain… it’s a bit like the matrix… I will have to show you. ( Soon but I am on vacation shortly… ) One easy to explain feature is the integrated ISP programmer which enables the pokitto to be programmed from a browser via WebSerial. More soon.


Hopefully it is the paradise matrix, and not the nightmare one.