Suggestion to Improve Pokitto Games Section

As the number of projects grows, and the premade Game Loader along with it, I think something that would really help is to have a more curated, refined, game list.

Something like a small “featured games” list.

Pico-8 does this on both the website, and the in-software-launcher, and it goes a long way for new users:

The games section and game loader for Pokitto are packed with tech demos, which are cool, but for most people trying to see what this hardware is all about, it is a bit of a confusing mess, because most of the projects are not finished (or at least at not complete games).

Just me 2c, curious what others think!


Gamebuino META has a “quality seal” section as well. I’m not sure Pokitto has enough high-quality completed games yet – after all it’s not gaming only console like Gamebuino, it’s a lot more educational – so we may need to wait some more to justify an official curated list in my opinion. Perhaps someone could try to make an unnofficial one to test this idea? It’s very easy to set up a GitHub (GitLab) website for this (or just make a thread here).

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The new loader supports games in the “Desktop”, i.e. the games that are on the home view and have bigger icons. That could be kind of “featured” area. I do not know how it behaves if there are a lot of them.

I was thinking about that too: the desktop could include the games that are new in the gamedisk.

TBH I haven’t tested putting a lot of games in the desktop, but it should work with up to 65535 games. Obviously, doing so defeats the point: it gets hard to find what you want when that list gets too long.

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That’s why filters and tags are extremely important for sorting favorite or trying out new titles: )

The desktop was meant just for favorites. For everything else you can organize your games using directories.

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Apologies. I misunderstood. :man_facepalming:


See my posting about Pokitto Pop programmer v.1 that will be up in a moment


I’m looking forward to seeing how the new launcher works. It sounds like a great improvement!

I have to agree the tech demos are cool, but I just end up removing them.

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