Suggest a game to do next (a.k.a. Game idea Survivor island, ep. 1)?


Not talking about background music, I’m talking about the main themes! They only play in menu. (here, here).


Waiting for todays (last) trial :slight_smile: That is entertaining, but also educating. Never seen this kind of issues handled this way. Very inventive!


Thanks. Its called learning through play and I can sometimes go into some detail on why it works.

I’ve used it in much more complex situations than this and it works equally well. The key is getting people to engage primarily using their imagination and empathy. The classic engineering approach of trying to map out problems is very effective also but it often leads to a situation where you are thinking inside the box all the time and you do not even realize it. Playing forces the mind into a different state.


Trial of Castleboy is due to begin in 1.5 hrs…

… after honourable baby justice has gone to bed :wink:


Maybe i am to bed early today like baby judge. Good night kisses for the little jurist :kissing_heart:


the prosecutor arrives at the courthouse, appearing visibly shaken…

… what’s going on with him?

… has something happened?

… is he well?

… can he go through with the hearing?

(has he had a “visit” from Papa @Pharap and his boys?)

stay tuned!


Court in session, all rise for hon. Batcomputer



Please be seated


Case #4 , People vs. Castleboy



… prosecution? Will you make the opening statements?



I … ummm …



What is going on?

Does anybody know?

Is there a doctor in the audience?




I will hold you in contempt if you do not start with your statements. Speak up!





You are making a fool of this court!


Attorneys, please approach the bench! Now!



Prosecutor! Do you have medical problems?

Why are you breathing so heavily and sweating like that?

Are you not well, man?

Do you want to pause for a while. Speak up!





I that case I will decide.

Is the defendants attorney, Ms. Mary Template, willing to let the prosecutor to revive himself?



Ms. Mary Template, of Template Associates

“We are willing to continue later your honour”





Hearing will continue in 30 minutes !



For those who don't understand

Papa Legba


Meanwhile, on the corridor outside of the courtroom

Counsel Mai, prosecutors assistant:

“What the hell is wrong with you?”