Suggest a game to do next (a.k.a. Game idea Survivor island, ep. 1)?


Your honour, I fail to see the issue with this picture.


Indeed. We are studying this picture at the moment.


Your honour, This gentleman looks to be having an insanely good time. If we had a Dungeon Crawler of half the fun, we would be in good shape.


We have studied the material presented by the defense and noted that a 220x176 screen in 16 colours looks as follows:



gets expelled from the court


Your honor,

I also don’t want to question your sources, but rather than mainstream video websites filled with teenager content, please study the true fans of dungeon crawlers in their natural environment. I strongly believe nowadays is the time when we can take the best of this good old world and add what we’ve learned from the new titles, to create the ultimate RPG game for Pokitto.


Mr Fish,

do you honestly believe that such an “Ultimate RPG” has any chance of actually getting done? It requires vast amounts of detailed graphics.

Graphics that, I might add, will be probably be beyond the capabilities of the community.


The plan my honour, the plan!
A 3d model and a script that pre-rendered high color/high resolution images that are saved to the SD card in a sorted way. Move the player and extract the image, then put some sprites and voilà, the game is done!
(simplifying a lot…)

Mr. Drum already presented some notable Blender work!


Your honor,

we have some vast resource available. For example, it is known to me there exists a complete kit of of 3000+ graphic assets for such a game, complete with textures, enemies and items. We need not create everything ourselves. Besides we do have people willing to fill in what’s missing, which isn’t so difficult with a low resolution graphics.

I am hereby volunteering to help with the graphics assets!


Mr Fish, I am glad someone is actually making sense in this courtroom.


Bailiff: all rise to hear the verdict




I remain as unconvinced as I was in the beginning, that a bunch of corduroy-wearing nerds will actually have the stamina to make a workable RPG that extends further than the first fifteen steps of the demo level.

The risk of wasting time and resources can not be underestimated.

However, we will allow a new hearing on this matter to be held, by which time we would like the Dungeon Crawler club to present, at least in rudimentary form, some sort of evidence of their capability!

This hearing is now over!


Case #4 , Castleboy will go on trial tomorrow

The court is busy making sushi.


I actually just now understood what you are saying. Noted.


I second the “this is foreign to me” sentiment, except IRC is also foreign to me. :P

And Legend of Grimrock 2. I’ve got them both.
I started learning how to mod them once (big surprise: it uses Lua! :P) but I had more pressing projects to work on.

I can attest to the fact I used to know a girl who really liked Persona and she did not have an extensive beard.

I don’t like Twine, I’m on the fence about Bitsy, but RenPy is good.

Are we allowed to make jokes about drugs?
I’ve been holding back on the double entendres because I thought we’d have to keep this clean.

Some of my favourite Dungeon Crawlers:

And special mention:
Markus “Notch” Persson’s Ludum Dar #21 entry Prelude of the Chambered.

(I also really like Minicraft, which is along the lines of what I hope “Blocky World” will become, but that’s not a Dungeon Crawler.)

Belated happy St. Andrews day by the way. (Though I doubt there are any Scotts here.)


That’s actually the direct inspiration for Blockitto! I wanted to make Minicraft for Pokitto and that’s how Blockitto came about. The original thread is actually called “Making a Minicraft Clone.”

Just to weigh in on the discussion a little as I was busy with an exam during the debate today, I think it would be cool if the community picked up Columns and Coffins as that currently seems to have been abandoned. Not sure whether that vein of roguelikes falls under dungeon crawlers but I’d assume so seeing as it involves going through dungeons and battling monsters. It was being made by the community anyway AFAIK so it might be cool to pick it up again.


@Pharap! We have to agree for once :smile: I loved both of these. The soundtracks (in both) were one of my all time favorite game soundtracks.


The sky hasn’t fallen and hell hasn’t frozen over. Should I be worried?

I can’t remember the soundtracks that well.
In general background music isn’t something I pay much attention to in games.

On the rare occaisions where I have found a soundtrack to be particularly notable,
it tends to be somewhat orchestral.
(E.g. Mario Galaxy, Little King’s Story, Pokemon Ruby (a.k.a. “trumpets intensify”), LOZ: Ocarina of Time/Majora’s Mask.)

With some exceptions.
(E.g. LOZ: Spirit Tracks, LOZ: Wind Waker.)


Donkey Kong country on the SNES had an excellent sound track.


Donkey Kong country soundtrack is regarded as one of the masterpieces of game music.

EDIT: allow me to introduce you to a incredibly talented multi-instrumentalist who goes by the unfortunate name of Poof Poof Fart