Something I did to a c64 mini,,,

I’m rather proud of this one lol. Though I need to modify the case and add two more bolt holes.

It’s fully functional.


That looks SO awesome! How does it feel to use it?

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Nice! Where did you get the keyboard from?

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Feels pretty good, I have issues with the volume, the computer cuts off if you turn the volume up too high, it fits the hand pretty well and you can type with it sitting flat. I should have added two more screw holes on the sides though.

The keyboard is one of those Rii i8 wireless ones with some buttons ignored.


I’ve got a question to any who know the answer, atm I’ve only got one USB port available, I’ve read that you can make a splitter by just wiring a second port into the line is that true?

I originally designed it to have a 3 port hub internal but it didn’t work for some reason, probably lack of power or the hub was bad.

If you could then there would be cables or boxes available that did this, so I’d say probably not.

You may be thinking of the cables that tap into a second USB port to provide more power for external disk drives and such.

The board I’m using has 2 ports, one is for the keyboard

So I put a more powerful usb power supply in it and the volume works better now.