[Solved] Modifying the library not affecting hex files

I’ve been trying to fix a bug in the drawBitmap tutorial.

It looks likely that the issue with the drawBitmap function itself, so I’ve been trying to modify the library source code to try to figure out what’s wrong, but for some reason modifications to the library source code aren’t carrying over the the .hex files.

I’m certain that the changes aren’t carrying over becuase I modified Display::drawBitmap to immediately return; so no bitmap should be being drawn, but the Pokitto sprite is still being drawn.

I’m guessing by the fact there’s a .lib file in the root of the lib folder that isn’t being modified, that the .hex files are using the .lib and the .lib isn’t being recompiled for some reason.

Does anyone have any idea why my changes might not be carrying across to the .hex files and/or what I might have to do to rectify that?

I am using Embitz, not the online IDE.
I got the library from github, the master branch downloaded as a .zip.

In the online IDE? If you want to modify the source, you need to “open” the PokittoLib folder in the project browser (online ide)

No in Embitz.
Sorry I forgot to mention that, I’ll edit that in.

99% bet: you have forgotten to modify the project build options -> post build steps and are using the same old .bin all the time

Nevermind, I found the problem.

Seems I didn’t spot that there are two drawBitmap overloads - I was only looking at the 4-argument version when it was the 3-argument version that was being called.

(I think I need more practice with the IDE :P.)