[Solved] fillScreen doesn't work in Hi-res mode?

It seems that Display::fillScreen only works in fast/low-res mode.

Is this the case and are there any plans to fix this?


Let’s check that. If it does not work, its a trivial fix.

EDIT: the code is there already. Hooking up debugger to test… it should work AFAIK

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At least this works in Hi-Res mode.

Display::fillRectangle(x, y, w, h);

I use it in MicroPython to clear the screen, or a part of it.

@Pharap : yes, bug on line PokittoDisplay.cpp line 515.

Has been fixed on both GitHub and mbed repos.

Thanks for spotting that!

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I spotted the issue a few weeks back but as per usual I was juggling several things so I’d forgotten about it before it occurred to me to raise an issue about it.

Now I can get on with what I was intending to use it for.

Thanks to this, I’ve now finished the 2nd PEX tutorial (only 3 months later than intended ^ u ^').
The new example works much better than what my code example was originally going to do.