Sitting here, assembling Pokittos

I am sitting here in my “home office” assembling Pokittos. Boxes of LCDs, Lego pegs, speakers and other bits are laying about.

No. These are not yet the ones that ship to you but we are soon waiting for the last parts. We have improved manufaturability, put in a better Li-Po charger, the RTC, super high quality mechanical switches…

we are getting closer day by day. Patience!

Meanwhile, take a look at this fully transparent Pokitto. I think the effect is rather nice.

Sorry for the potatocam :grin:


Nice! If we think Pokitto as an educational device for children, a fully transparent device would be very very good for that purpose.

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Nude pokitto! You should label Nsfw!


I’m really considering that colour form mine :sunglasses:, maybe with coloured buttons…

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Oh yeah, I will go to the factory very soon and confirm the colors available. KS backers will be getting a survey through Kickstarter soon.



I LOVE IT !!!:heart_eyes:

Transparent boxes on electronics show up at regular intervals. It’s a good look on well-made gear. I hope it’s an option for mine!

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