Shop is open

All my transactions now look to be dealt with, the initial connection to PayPal looked good, it might have been something to do with how the return to the store (payment complete - returning to merchant screen) was handled. Everything in paypals system looked fine and I got all confirmations as expected from them as being paid, it was just your end that reported in my account that it was pending, though you confirmed above that the order was recieved; now says processing (guess you worked some manual magic on that).

You could probably come up with a limited number of combinations that you would make available for shipping via the US, based on the most popular Kickstarter choices.

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Braintree (credit cards) works now fully.

Long story short: plugin conflict. Braintree is an alternative payment gateway that offers both PayPal and all major credit cards and the user experience is much better than with PayPal’s own system. You get email verification of orders etc. Works very well

Paypal option to Braintree gateway will be added tomorrow (verification of new Braintree gateway takes 1 day). But credit cards work now with no issues at all!

Shipping fees to US reduced to 15$. Lower than that is pretty pointless and wont happen until we set up a stock in US. I suggest you rather buy now from me, because I don’t know when we will have time to organize other options.


So since you are reusing Omniva for the shop shipping it might be a good idea to inform customers their product will actually be shipped later in batches, and promptly show them their batch date. Most people expect their stuff to go out the door the same day.

I shared the link in some other places I lurk and it looks like a few people bought one. One suggestion @jonne is people are interested in seeing the device’s tech specs on the actual product page.

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I am extremely excited to have finally been able to purchace this!

Though, for some reason my total on my card was charged 18.03$ more than what the total on the checkout says :[

Any idea why?

Any idea what the shipping cost is for Australia?

(There’s a certain Aussie I’m determined to get writing games for the Pokitto.)

I will find out. Please PM me (if possible) any kind of bank statement where it is shown.

There have been 2 cases like this and I think its a currency conversion thing. I will check it out with Braintree. Any overcharge will be refunded

EDIT: found the problem. Another plugin issue. We had a plugin to show the currency correctly based on location (note: this only affected $ users, not € or £). On this side it shows everything correctly, but the credit card conversion was still done in EUR.

We have fixed that problem now!

@torbuntu and @RichardAmes were the only buyers who were affected. You will be refunded 20.6% as per the EUR/USD exchange rate that was used at the time

@torbuntu : thanks for reporting this issue and we were able to catch it quickly

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PAYPAL is working now!

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Everything is working 100% now.

Pokittos are flying out the door. More are coming in.

I am so happy and grateful to everyone for sticking with us through all the troubled times we had.


out of interest, are you keeping track of the Installed base, how many people have at least 1 pokitto?

Yes. 600 +/- 5

I’ve sold some on 1:1 deals to schools etc


Wow, awesome! Thank you for responding right away! I’m so excited for my Pokitto :grin:.

@trelemar mentioned it might have been conversion of some sort.

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So are you sending them 1-by-1 or in batches?

Batch, on monday. Basically it will be 1 time per week shipping.

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Hey Jonne, just sent my order! Question, let’s say you do get a metallic colored front, or black back in stock down the road. Would we better able to order just a front or back from the site? Depending on reasonable shipping? Excited to put this thing together!

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Yes! Spare parts and case parts will be available to buy soon (1 month). We will first make sure we have enough stock and then put them up for sale as well. Postage fees for spares will be less because tracking is not needed.


We got over 20 new Pokitto users yesterday!

Thank you all for helping to spread the word on Twitter and other places. At this stage it really, really matters. Fulfilling the Kickstarter orders was an exhausting process, both mentally and financially.

Now our nose is back above water and things are beginning to work out.


I am so excited to become a part of this!