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Tried to purchase one, but after the paypal checkout it just returns to a blank page

It went through. I am taking to the webmaster right now to see whats the issue

EDIT: seems that this “end up on blank page” is a common issue

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@Mestari: I refunded the accidental extra payments.

I am taking the product offline for a little bit of time to fix the blank page problem

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And, before someone gets annoyed, no this problem does not come up in testing mode. Only in Live mode.

Okay, thanks :sweat_smile:

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The first rule of everything. “thou shalt not update if something is working”

Woocommerce plugin update seems to be the issue. Yes, I updated it today… grr…

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It is still broken; after successfully paying at paypal the item remains in your basket as payment pending.

Yes, the IPN exchange between paypal and the server is not working

But I got your order, don’t worry.

so you know, customers cannot buy a second time; paypal knows the invoice is paid and doesn’t pay for multiple units.


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Unfortunately this might have something to do with the fact that the site is running on Godaddy (I know, I know… :confounded:)

Are you going to source shipping for US orders from within the United States in the future? The current shipping cost is a bit high at $17, so I may wait for that.

I don’t know if Daniel is willing to give his time for the shipping stuff.

The least I can do is try to find a bit more reasonable shipping cost from over here. I will talk to Omniva (the shipping company).

Thanks for that feedback.

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The shipping cost is a little high yeah, but looking at competition and everything you’re still getting a great deal.

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This is a bit learning by doing.

I think I will talk to Omniva tomorrow. The problem with shipping from US is that then we need to keep a second stock of plastic parts (378 color variations…) there and thats a bit cumbersome

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I wonder if there’s a way to find out if there’s a specific component (e.g. the Li-Ion battery) that is more expensive to ship because of the laws on those items and see if there’s a way to either ship that item from inside the country so it’s not crossing borders (and thus less import cost), or even to provide versions that are missing the expensive parts so that recepients can acquire a compatable part from nearby.

Actually, shipping costs from US went way up just recently.

All “old-school” postal services are creaking under the weight of billions of package from China that they actually get zero money for delivering.

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Thanks for checking in on this. Yes, shipping is crazy, and seems to have different rules depending on how big a player you are. One idea may be to have a fixed color offering to save money for US customers, but I see the value in simplifying logistics. I think it’s still early days for the Pokitto, and the current offering makes sense.

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