Set_palette question

In the Online IDE, there’s an option to upload a palette file. Can someone tell me what is expected, ie an image, text file with values or what?
Also, can someone explain with an example the RGB format needed to use the non-16 bit colour palette setting in code:
In the wiki it just says:

set_palette - Sets the palette with rgb colors.

So what values/format is needed?


I’d like to use RGB hex values if possible…

JASC .pal files, which are a common format for palettes.

IIRC, it’s 16-bit format… but the IDE should detect that each number is a color and clicking on it should show your browser’s color picker, where you can type in the RGB colors (the exact format will vary depending on your browser).

Thanks for that Felipe. Doesn’t look like the IDE pops the colour box up when you try use the non-16bit method, but I guess as long as I can enter the rgb hex values in the colour box for the 16bit one, it’s fine.

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