SD Card Missing In USB Mode?

I don’t see the SD card when connected via USB. I tried different cards and different PC’s. I can see the CRP DISABLED appear, however.

It doesn’t. Nobody has added that feature. I have spotted an mbed sd reader example but never had the courage to try it out on pokitto.

Usbmsd example not working. USBDevice library deprecated because of mbed os 5 :pensive:

Nope, there is something wrong with your setup. I have used USBDevice successfully. The micropython by @Hanski also uses USBDevice.

I can’t allocate any time to investigate but you should be careful not ton include mbed library (its included in the PokittoLib) because then you will create mbedos5 and mbedos2 conflicts

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DARN! :’( I was under the impression it was working.

I’m pretty sure its not a big dea. When I did USBSerial, I had it working in < 1 hour.

I’ll take a look at it.

edit: what i mean is that if USBdevice works, everything built on top of that should work because USBdevice handles the handshakes, enumeration, and USB protocol