Safer batteries?

heres a video showing of a new type of battery thats looking like its allot safer (but compremizing in capasity)
this reminded me of a couple batteries i have had that have expanded over the years.

anyway just pointing out the technolgy is out there and might be interesting for a few projects
like pokitto


Are these already available somewhere? Are they impossible to ship, like LiPo?

i was trying to look it up but the manufacture website seems to be down so i cant pull any info about samples

That is a really interesting technology.

There is a video on YouTube where David pogue visits the inventor it’s pretty good too

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Thanks for that. Now I’ll be listening to the Pogues for the rest of the week.


I also recommend the Wurzels’ version of Fairytale of New York. :P

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lol you guys love going offtopic.
so far have not been able to find more info on these batteries, they are not yet comercial
but i read something about them building a factory, still would like to see what kind of game console could run on the flex batery :3 any ideas? i was looking at low power MIP reflective lcd’s (looks a bit like gameboy color display’s)

There’s no point in having a forum if you can’t go offtopic sometimes. :P

Seems that ‘ProLogium’ is the main driving force behind them (in cooperation with ‘Weltmeister’), but there’s a few other contenders claiming they’re going to do it (e.g. ‘Jonson Battery Technologies’).

How much power do they have?

the sample in video is 3.8v at 100mah so its not super great

only chips i know off that are powereficiant are bee chips
the pokitto chip can run down to 2.4v, but i think the display is a problem

closest display i found for lower power is this 176x176 mip lcd