Rob from Tennessee

Hello, I’m Rob, by day mild mannered butcher by night and most free time just me, I have zero code skill but I love little techy things like Pocket Chip and pokkito (who I so want to get one of one day ) I hope that my son can learn to code he is 5 loves computers (he’s high functioning autistic and seems naturally skilled with tech stuff). I can imagine it I just cannot build it when it comes to computers, but I can do just about anything with my hands. And honestly I cannot think of anything else to say.

Also I have to explain this BigBadHodad has nothing to do with pimps and hoes it’s the guy at the beach with the surfboard who cannot surf, kinda describes me lol


Hi Rob! Welcome to the Pokitto community!

I didn’t understand anything about electronics until I started reading hydraulics. Then, as I thought about static pressure as electric charge, batteries as pumps, voltage as pressure, volumetric flow as current … it all clicked!

For anyone skilled with their hands: electronics and computers is just plumbing. Take it from there! :grin:

It makes sense, though if I tried to program or build something with electronics, I’d flood the house.

Though I’m willing to try to the assemble it yourself pokkito

Well I’m scarred up now, saved a sweet little old lady today when some meth junkie girl tried to mug her and got dragged 30 feet by her car, but the little old lady was saved and the attacker did not get anything.

Sorry to hear that, but it’s good you’re OK. I caught a junkie burglar. Got my stuff back but lost a tooth. Police said he had a knife in his pocket. I guess I’m kinda lucky to be here.

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Everyone talks about suympathy and rehabilitation, but that doesn’t always work sadly

Awesome, the police caught the perp, she was shooting up heroin in a gas station.