[REQUEST] A tutorial with an easier to follow structure?

currently the tutorials just throw information at you, I’m just wondering if someone could create a series of tutorials with similar structure to the gamebuino ones which for me were much easier to follow and started really slow so I could pick it all up slowly.


Maybe you could post or point to sections of code and instructions from Gamebuino tutorials in this forum and say something like:
“I understand this Gamebuino tutorial code and I’m wondering what the equivalent would be for the Pokitto?”

“I don’t quite understand this Gamebuino tutorial code and nobody there has responded to my requests for help. Could someone here look at it, explain it and propose how it would be done on the Pokitto?”

Maybe you could even end up contributing equivalent tutorials for the Pokitto as a byproduct of your learning.

Maybe start a topic like “The Gamebuino Pong tutorial as applied to Pokitto” and post messages that work through it a step at a time. Through the queries and responses, you would end up rewriting and possibly improving the tutorial for use with the Pokitto.