Quick question

Hello all, new here, just a fast question, when will the Pokitto be back in stock? was going to order one and it says to try again in 60 min that none are available

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Pokitto will be back in stock today. We’re a bit low on boards at the moment, but I will make some more today.

Thanks for the heads-up


looking to order one :>
hoped there would be clear green but i may go all clear parts :>


The clear parts look excellent indeed.

Welcome to Pokitto :D!

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@jbach50 I have added more Pokittos to the store!

On my way how long is shipping to the us?

well its ordered, hope shipping is fast lol

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Oh sorry, now I noticed your question

Well, I just checked. A Pokitto sent as EMS (fastest possible option) to Florida on 31st last month took until 9th to get to US and has now been waiting to move on since. In “normal” times EMS would be there within a week or so.

So @jbach50 it does seem we are still not back to normal shipping times. Expect over 2 weeks. Sorry, nothing can be done about that (lack of mail-carrying passenger flights across Atlantic and US)

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It’s ok just wondered


At least with options like FemtoIDE and PyInSky you can get started on the next big hit so by the time it arrives you’ll have something to play test :smiley: eh?

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Not sure how much programming I’ll be doing, mostly like making the kits