Question about possible sound playing abilities

Hey ho, it’s me again :slight_smile:
Today I was cleaning up my HDD a little bit and I stumbled on some old .s3m and .it sound files… As far as I know this is on old game music format. Games like crusader - no remorse and unreal used this format too… I really love this old soundtracks… Then a question came up: would there be a possibility to play these files somehow on my Pokitto? They are really small in size and have a uniqe style…

I don’t like to use my pc or smartphone to hear this stuff… So pokitto would be a real good player if this would be manageable…

So far, love and greetings to my Pokitto Family :slight_smile:



Having a quick look at the formats I would say it’s plausible to get them into a state where the Pokitto could play them, but you’d need to know how the formats work.

I’ve managed to find some resources that might help with understanding the formats:

Sadly, sound is my mortal enemy, so if someone manages to pull this off, it won’t be me.

Also the ImpulseTracker FAQ is both hilarious and terrifying:

Q: “What are all those funny characters in the source code?”

A: I wrote the original source code using DOS characters, with characters drawing borders/boxes in comments in the source code. In the interests of posterity, I have left the code intact as it was.

Q: “Why didn’t you use STRUCs or ENUMs” in your ASM source?

A: Simply because I didn’t know about them at the time. I wish I did. There’s a InternalDocumentation folder that I’ve included in the repository that details what some of the magic numbers appearing through the code might mean.

Q: “Flow in some functions seems to jump all over the place. Why?”

A: The original code was compatible all the way back to an 8086 machine. 8086 would allow you to do conditional jumps only within +/-128 bytes, so I spent too much time shuffling code around to meet this restriction. When I shifted away from this 8086 restriction, I never went back to update the code that was mutilated by it.

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Incidentally, added samples as intruments to synth today… lesson coming


Here’s a synthtest .bin that also plays samples as wave mode 6

syntest.bin (112.0 KB)

The code has been pushed to repo