[Poll] Would you like to have a gamejam using the new MicoJS (javascript) online IDE for Pokitto?

It has been too long since the last Pokitto gamejam! As @FManga has made an excellent new online IDE for Pokitto, we could make some cool games with it :grin:

Please, give your (non binding) opinion, no matter if you are a coder, player or just want to see some Pokitto community action.

Want to have a MicoJS gamejam for Pokitto?
  • Yes, this is just what I needed!
  • No, not this time.

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I think there are enough “yes” votes that we can say having a MicoJS gamejam is a good idea :slight_smile:

Now we need, at least, to figure out:

  • The theme of the Gamejam
  • The starting time and lenght of the gamejam
  • Possible prizes(?)

Any suggestions?


Here is a list of theme suggestions from an earlier gamejam for a reference.

Your poll is only asking if having a game jam is a good idea. Don’t you think you should ask “Would you participate in a game jam?” ?


To me it looks like it will be a successful gamejam but I can make a new poll if needed.

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I will soon make a poll about the gamejam theme. Below are some suggestions from an earlier jam. If you have some theme suggestions, please reply in this thread. Be quick, as after few days I will make the poll.


  • Time loop. After a given amount of time, the world/scene restarts to the start point.

  • Featuring Pokitto. Make a game where Pokitto is in the main role.

  • Japan. Must involve some aspect of Japanese culture or aesthetics.

  • Mass-Transportation / Travel

  • Winter Games jam - a sports / Olympics theme jam

  • 100% for Kids

  • 3D jam - games based on Anarch 3D engine

  • Cats and dogs

  • Physics. Must include some kind of physics based mechanic.

  • Higher and higher

  • Oceans

  • Text. Must involve reasonably large amounts of text.

  • Joe jam. Make a game where Joe is in the main role.

  • Light - camera - action. Pokitto goes to hollywood

  • Marching penguins

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Theme: “On/off”.

  • There is a switch (or many) in the game which affects somehow to the game

This is quite incompatible with micoJS

All the others seems doable and interesting in some way


I am totally voting for cats and dogs :grin:

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I’d like to suggest not adding more new themes and picking from the list randomly when starting the jam.


I was going to suggest 2 voting rounds :laughing:

Then maybe do one round for removing any particularly unpopular themes, then dice-roll from what’s left to decide the winner.


Sound good to me. I can let the Batcomputer to pick the final one blindfolded :bat:

  • Featuring Pokitto. Make a game where Pokitto is in the main role.
    I’m a sucker for these types of themes :slight_smile:

  • Higher and higher
    This could have many fun interpretations!