[POLL] What is your talent?

I made this poll just for fun and also to see what kind of people there are in the Pokitto community. There is no other reason than that I think it would be interesting to know :grinning: That is why the poll is anonymous.
Note: You do not have to be a professional. Just a “good enough” or good hobby level is enough. You can select many talents.

  • coding
  • draw pixel gfx
  • animation
  • compose original music
  • sound effects
  • SW system design
  • documentation
  • game design
  • story telling
  • gamer
  • writing game reviews
  • write technical articles
  • HW design
  • electronics
  • industrial design
  • other talent

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I don’t think I can honestly say that I’m talented in any of those fields. I wish I was a good coder if that counts?

I think the batcomputer does not agree with you, and it cannot be cheated :wink: I addition to coding you obviously are talented in creating gfx!

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I have but one regret in life. I never learned to play an instrument and music with its rules remains a mystery to me.

I very much feel the same. I wanted to play the guitar and the piano but never had enough motivation or talent to practice enough.

Amazing that there are a couple of people that can actually compose music :slight_smile:

At the same time I am surprised that only one person (me :slight_smile: ) thinks he can write technical articles. Aren’t all the articles in the mag that kind of articles?

The word “talent” sounds a little intimidating to me. I just voted for the items where I could get at least a decent result, if I was forced to do it all on my own.

For example: I don’t know much about music theory, but a long time ago I was patient enough to figure out how to use a music tracker (like Milkytracker), place some notes and re-arrange them until they sound “right”. And it was fun. :smiley:


I voted ‘other’ on the off chance that being an unsufferable pedant, being able to put one’s foot behind one’s head and doing terrible fake accents count as talents. :P

I considered it, but I wasn’t really sure what constitutes a ‘technical article’.

I’m more surprised by the lack of votes for ‘writing game reviews’.
Any fool with an opinion and the patience to string together proper sentences can do that.
Just look at the reviews section on Steam. :P

Also I’m surprised that not even the person who designed the Pokitto voted for “HW design”.
Are we to believe the Pokitto was built without even a modicum of talent? :P

You’ve probably got a few decades left in which to learn.
It might seem like it sometimes, but we haven’t quite reached the apocalypse.


It’s absolutely never too late to learn. I’ve always wanted to learn to play the violin/viola for example despite not being terribly musically inclined. I bought a medium quality viola at a local violin shop that only set me back about US$200 and have been watching a series of youtube videos on learning to play. I’ve only just begone learning the first fingered notes (the ones that require pressing the first finger position on the four strings) but with continued practice I’m sure I’ll be able to play simple tunes. My son already enjoys my practicing and even dances as I do it :grin:. Someday when I can play something decent I might do a video to demonstrate the possibilities if you only believe in yourself and set your mind to it (after all just look at what I’ve accomplished with pixel art having never really done it before).


I wouldn’t say i am talented in gaming or reviews, but i like it. :wink:
I am talented in learning languages, but that’s not useful here