Poll: Do you want the "arm" and "leg" tabs on the case?

I don’t think that the removal of the arms and legs will be considered at this stage, but depending on the plastic used and the overall finish, you could get away with cutting them off yourself.

same here im thinking off adding lego parts to add more grib for my gaint hands XD

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i got my suspensions that its going to be ABS (just like lego’s)

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Similar to the Fairphone I would rather have an interchangeable bezel that contains the tabs and a plain one that does not.


Material is ABS. There is one thing that is missing completely from this discussion: time.

The question is not tabs or no tabs. The poll question should be do you want your Pokitto now with tabs or spend 6 months removing them. The work on the mold design began January this year.

And even in 6 months, I probably won’t remove them :grin:

No seriously. Pokitto is not the same animal as for example the Arduboy, and my style is different from others. I am not aiming for a sleek gadget that is finalized statement. Pokitto is intended as a modular extendable platform on which new and exciting things will be built in the coming years. The reasoning behind everything will become clear as we go ahead and the roadmap of things to come is revealed.

The tabs are staying for the time being for many reasons, one of which is that kids love Pokitto as it is. We move fast and we intend to continue moving fast. Pokitto will shoot from the hip and ask questions later. You all will benefit from this by actually getting your stuff, not waiting for rewards a year after the project has promised to deliver.

I welcome feedback on the design, I am completely cool with it all. I just think its fair for you all to know that speed of execution and new generations of products are my top priorities. This is the captain speaking, we are on full throttle with no intention of slowing down and some turbulence may be expected.


No, I updated my question text to include:

because I was fairly certain that you would come back and say they wouldn’t be removed. I simply want to know whether the majority of people would actually want them if there were a choice.

I know I wouldn’t and will probably attempt to cut them off. I hope there is solid material where the tabs meet the case, so there won’t be a hole left when they are cut off flush with it. But even if a hole is left, I’ll just put tape or something over it.

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Looking at it, you probably can saw them off cleanly if you are careful. There is enough material.


At the risk of going off (my own :slight_smile: ) topic:
If you have a roadmap, why keep us in the dark about it instead of revealing it now? Perhaps knowing your plans would alleviate this type of question.

Apple doesn’t tell you about features of iPhone 8 when they are launching iPhone 7. But you know they are working on it, right? Same thing applies.

I will say two things. 1) The technology of Pokitto is mapped two generations ahead. 2) You will be making a good investment on the Pokitto because backwards compatibility. The LPC11U68 processor was a very very careful choice indeed.

Now lets concentrate on getting the first round out the door. I understand your interest, and I really value the feedback, but we must go step by step.


I think the tabs will be quite useful. I would like to try using the Pokitto as a controller for one of the common “robot car” platforms. I could use the studs to secure the Pokitto to the base without depending on the plugged in header connection keeping things in place. In that case, I could also use breadboard jumper wires to make the header connections, allowing me more flexibility in wiring things up.


The pins in the corners that hold the case together are hollow (I think they’re LEGO Technic pins). So you could run screws or studs down the centre of them to secure the Pokitto to a mount, even if the tabs weren’t there.

I’m not sure about the dimensions, but another possibility might be that this longer pin could be substituted to provide “snap in” mounting capabilities.

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Have been using the longer pins myself, they work really well in coupling Pokitto to other things

crude design for securing your black tophat to the green pokitto 2 3L pin and a 1x2 technic part (red)

Dude the arms and legs are awesome it’s one of the things that actually attracted me to the pokitto. You can do so many things with them I’m sure they will be useful in the future maybe for attaching other modules.

I can think of useless add-ons to personalize Pokitto, Mr. Potato arms and legs and hats and eyes lol

They give it personality and while I could do without them
I’d probably like to have the arms at least for a lanyard and they could be used as mounting brackets if you felt inclined.
Functionality wise they add a form of case expansion so keep.

As I’ve already mentioned, the corner pins that hold the case halves together are hollow, so you could run a lanyard through any one of them. The same goes for using the corner holes for mounting brackets.


One thing we spoke about here is durability. I threw the Pokitto over my shoulder to the concrete floor at Maker Faire Bay Area about 20 times… did not break.

Turns out the “lego” structure is very good in absorbing the shock of the impact. The case will open a little bit, but the arms and legs and even the display stays intact. It works in a very similar way as the old Nokia phones with exchangeable covers. The case will snap open but nothing will break permanently.

By accident we may have actually designed a really durable case.


Ok that’s pokitto abuse, and unfit pokitto parenthood, just send it to me and I’ll be a good foster parent to it.


I don’t particularly like the arms, but the legs are cool. I was thinking of 3D printing an alternative case without those legs/arms, but I would need the OBJ file. Not sure if this was already discussed in the thread.