Poll: Do you want the "arm" and "leg" tabs on the case?

I can think of useless add-ons to personalize Pokitto, Mr. Potato arms and legs and hats and eyes lol

They give it personality and while I could do without them
I’d probably like to have the arms at least for a lanyard and they could be used as mounting brackets if you felt inclined.
Functionality wise they add a form of case expansion so keep.

As I’ve already mentioned, the corner pins that hold the case halves together are hollow, so you could run a lanyard through any one of them. The same goes for using the corner holes for mounting brackets.


One thing we spoke about here is durability. I threw the Pokitto over my shoulder to the concrete floor at Maker Faire Bay Area about 20 times… did not break.

Turns out the “lego” structure is very good in absorbing the shock of the impact. The case will open a little bit, but the arms and legs and even the display stays intact. It works in a very similar way as the old Nokia phones with exchangeable covers. The case will snap open but nothing will break permanently.

By accident we may have actually designed a really durable case.


Ok that’s pokitto abuse, and unfit pokitto parenthood, just send it to me and I’ll be a good foster parent to it.


I don’t particularly like the arms, but the legs are cool. I was thinking of 3D printing an alternative case without those legs/arms, but I would need the OBJ file. Not sure if this was already discussed in the thread.

Well you can easily cut them off, there is material enough behind it. But…it is a nice feature of Pokitto.

It wasnt discussed if the cad files would be available. Might be a good idea to add them to thingiverse to increase popilarity. What would you say @jonne ? Oops just saw the other post regarding this. Never mind :grinning:

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The tabs were one of three things that were deciding factors in my getting into Pokitto! Factor 1 was the gpio headers. 2 was the shape and design with the tabs because I could easily see them being useful in construction of robotics with my Lego mindstorms systems components, and with the gpio available it just makes sense. And 3 was video games that I program myself.

You just can’t go wrong with a diy “Gameboy”. I grew up wishing my Gameboy could have done more. Been more. And now the Pokitto exists! I’m so excited.


@Hanski proved this with his impressive Pokitto racer:

That picture would be much less cool if the Pokitto was an amputee.
(I am officially coining the term “amputee Pokitto” to refer to the ones that have had their limbs removed.)


Some would rather say this is a body mod :stuck_out_tongue:

I prefer with the limbs, because it’s always easier to remove than to add in this case. Also it’s part of the whole Pokitto design in my humble opinion

True, the body dimensions are even in Lego :


I regret pasting ‘body mod’ into Google image search.
Some things cannot be unseen.
*wipes internet history*


I’m sure you’ve seen worse, come on! :smiley:

Like a mutilated pokitto!