[POLL] (CLOSED) A multiplayer test session of Mad Mobiles! Choose the day :-)!

I am going to organize a multiplay test session, where we are the using my Mad Mobiles game for Pokitto.


Please select all days you feel are suitable. One testing day is finally selected based on this poll. The time in the poll should be automatically adjusted to be in your time zone. This is not a binding poll.

  • Day 1 2024-02-23T21:00:00Z
  • Day 2 2024-02-24T21:00:00Z
  • Day 3 2024-02-25T21:00:00Z
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You can attend to the session by using a Pokitto+ HW. It might be that also a Linux Simulator binary of the game, but last time there were huge problems to do that as it is very difficult to make a binary that works in different Linux versions.

There can be only 5 players at a time in the game but we can take turns.

The test session lasts from half an hour to one hour.

In case you are interested, more details about the game development (and videos!) here: [MPGAME] Mad Mobiles (a working name)


Just to throw this out there since I would really like the idea.
Would you like to do a group voice chat on Discord during the test session?

  • Yes
  • No
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Here is one recent video of the game in action:

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Just to clarify: The voice chat would be voluntary and by no means required for attending to the game session.
The instructions for the test session will be given via Pokitto Forum and the Discord text channel.

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Introduction to the race track of the coming test tession:


(a choppy gif as usual)


Looks like a lot of fun so far!


Ok, looks like this was chosen to be the day :grin:
Day 1 2024-02-23T21:00:00Z

Lets have the game session then! I will send the instructions later.