[POLL] A collaboration project for making the "Pokitto Party" multiplayer game?


This is a non-binding, no-problem-if-you-change-your-mind poll about the possible game project, Pokitto Party (a Mario Party esque). The result of this poll will affect if this project will become reality.

Poll: Are you interested to possibly contribute to the collaborative project of creating the “Pokitto Party” game? Choose one or many things you could contribute to.

  • Making the main game framework (main game logic, gameplay table, lobby, multiplayer)
  • Graphics
  • Implement one or more Minigames ( There can be tens of minigames. Likely implemented in C++ with a reduced game API)
  • Actively testing and giving ideas and suggestions about the game during the development cycle
  • Other (please comment to this discussion thread)

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For those who are not familiar to (Super) Mario Party games, here is a short explanation:
The gameplay is a board game like system where players you go around the track in turns and throw a dice. There are many action spots on the board and many of them launch a minigame, where players can collect more money/points by winning. The minigames can be as simple as “find the pair” or more complex ones, but usually take less than a minute to play. There can be tens of different minigames.


Would a WarioWare type game also be in concideration?

That would be fun too :slight_smile:

Depends on my time, but i can help test stuff

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Good! This is not binding so you can just press the poll option.

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Oh, there are so many people interested in contributing to the project! :slight_smile:
It starts to look like there is no other choice than start the project… :wink: