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yes, already sent it, hope you got it.


Haha! Now it came. Where it was spending some time, I do not know. Perhaps it stopped on the way for a currywurst.


Und jetzt haben wir auch deutsch. Danke schön @Zockeromi


:laughing: Well it is damn cold in the Eifel, maybe it just froze.


There’s a word I haven’t heard since doing German at school.

(And now I’m thinking of Allo Allo and the k’nockwurst.)


:laughing: normally i don’t eat Currywurst, because it has so much sugar and calories, but i like it.


It could be worse…

(Thank you Scotland.)


Ehm and i don’t eat meals containing palm oil…
How about Sauerkraut?


For the record, I’ve never tried a deep-fried Mars bar.
I was just pointing it out as a really unhealthy form of fried food.

I’m pretty sure they don’t use palm oil for frying it,
unless you meant Mars bars use palm oil?

Honestly, I’ve never tried it.
I don’t know if I’d like it or not, usually I don’t often eat pickled things.
(Except for chili peppers.)


I totally love Sauerkraut. Some good sausages, fresh potato mash, sauerkraut, a good local mustard and a cold beer. You can not beat that.


Nevermind i knew what you wanted to say :wink:
Yes, i mean palm oil in mars bars.
(I did eat it years ago, it is quite tasty, but i wouldn’t eat it again)