Pokitto`s brother?



Looks like Pokitto is branching out into robots :slight_smile: (Although this one doesnt seem so smart)


It’s not programmable beyond simple ‘move this way, move that way’ and ‘do this pre-programmed dance’, so no fear of competition. :P

Neat little design. Although some of them look a bit familiar… :P

I’d be tempted to get one if they weren’t phone operated.
Back in my day, things came with remote controls. :P


omg, didnt think of those Dr. Who killer bots :scream:

But what kind of chip would be controlling these pokibots ? I mean it has to have some kind of programmable logic in it.


I doubt they’ve mentioned that anywhere, so you’d probably have to buy one and open it up to find out (unless someone’s already done that and posted their findings).

Could be something like an ESP,
could be an AVR chip with peripherals.
Who knows?



Who`s that ? Johnny ? :smile:


Here’s Johnny! (Oh wait, wrong film…)

Number five is alive!