Pokitto MicroPython web IDE

Is there a way to press the “C” (AKA the start button) key in the Pokitto MicroPython web IDE?



I am not at my laptop to try now, but Pokitto buttons (a,b,c) are mapped in the PC keyboard as (a,s,d) or (z,x,c).

Yeah, D and C do nothing for me in the web IDE but the C key works on the Pokitto hardware just fine - weird

How do you read the C button in the code?

 if eventtype != upygame.NOEVENT:
            # button C - to restart
            if eventtype.key ==  upygame.BUT_C:
                        restart = True

Try this:

        eventtype = pygame.event.poll()
        if eventtype != upygame.NOEVENT:
            if eventtype.type == upygame.KEYDOWN:
                if eventtype.key == upygame.BUT_C:

Still doesn’t seem to be working

I noticed this too. Pressing or releasing C button gives no event in the web IDE.

They probably just need to connect-up the D button

Have you tried another web browser?

No, that’s a good idea

Didn’t help, not too big a deal as it works great on the real Pokitto