Pokitto is on the way, what games should I make?


Can’t wait to see this as a full fledge games!

Demo 3 have already a fan, my 5 years old daughter likes to build walls in that demo lol :wink:


Hands shaking…

Edit: Sacre bleu! Madre de dios!

Edit2: Mein gott!

How is this even possible?

@drummyfish but … but … it runs so smooth … with floors and roofs… how?

Every now and then my understanding of what is possible on Pokitto gets reset. This is one of those times.


I was thinking of keeping this badge until this gets done into a game.

But Batcomputer just sent me an SMS and said: “I call the shots Batman. Now give the badge. BC”

So. Congratulations @drummyfish. You have become our third Wizard King.

Here is your official recognition:

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Oooh myyyy, I don’t think I deserve this :open_mouth: It means so much… I promise I’ll do my best to deliver on your trust in me guys! The feedback I get from all of you is really amazing, you’re such a wonderful community. Thank you so much for the badge @jonne. After all it’s running on your brilliantly designed hardware!


Just remember to use this power for good and not evil :stuck_out_tongue:


a friend of mine showed this to me,
looks like it could work on the pokitto perhaps


Interesting, at the first glance the gameplay looks similar to Lemmins. I’ve recently came to love the Lemmings clone Pingus, which I’ve been thinking about porting/remaking on Pokitto. It’s one of the million ideas I have for the future :smile:


Can’t stop watching these on loop :scream:


Do they realise that ‘Pingu’ is trademarked?


I don’t know. The thing about trademark is that it’s not a right for an exclusive use of a word – you just can’t use the word in a way which people will confuse with the trademark. Whether that’s the case here only a court expert could tell (which just means guess anyway).

Isn’t Pingu kind of a general name for a penguin in English? Because that’s what I thought, but it’s not based on any facts, it just felt that way to me.

If it’s a general name, I think they’re okay. To violate the trademark they’d have to put a clay penguin under the word.


Not that I’m aware of.
If it is, it’s almost certainly a reference to the TV series - it was very influential, despite its ear-bleeding quality.

Possibly related: ‘pengi’ is Japanese for penguin, as in ‘Konnichiwa pengi-san. Anata wa hen tori, ne?’

I don’t think it is a general name, but aparently a trademark is only infringing if the goods or services are similar and/or ‘likely to cause confusion’, so they’re probably fine as long as there isn’t a pingu-themed lemmings game.


Oh I remember watching the show when I was little. Very cute.

I’ve been searching the interwebs for a while and indeed it seems to be a name mostly connected with the TV show, but I found other uses too (an actual female name, a wine name, slang terms, and also some associations with Tux, …). My guess is that the game bets on the non-commercial nature (even though what the heck is this? :smiley: ), as that is a big pro argument for fair use in the court. If I were to port it to Pokitto, I’d definitely choose something different, just to be sure. Thanks for pointing this out.


Progress report for today – I’ve been working on the generalized floor texturing, for now at least different height levels can be given different colors:



Floors are showing up:


However I found that the coordinates are a bit off and at the distance there can be floor tiles that shouldn’t be seen leaking under the walls. So this I’ll have to look into.

Here are some of my today’s thoughts to share and possibly discuss:

  • I’ve been briefly thinking about the Arena shooter idea, because in my demos I’ve gotten used to the controls very much by now and I am having fun with the movement alone, so I think the game could work. I have realized though that we don’t have enough buttons for all the actions we need :open_mouth: I’ll appreciate your ideas and solutions to shooter controls. Actions I think we need:

    • move forward/backward, rotate left/right: arrow keys
    • strafe left/right, look up/down: one button + arrow keys (as in my demos)
    • shoot: one button
    • jump: one button
    • change weapon, menu, pause: could all be under one button

    Strafing is very important so I’d rather sacrifice jumping, but for arena shooters jumping is much more important than for normal FPS, so I don’t know. My idea was to sacrifice looking down and have button plus down arrow for jumping, but I’d have to try that out because it could feel weird. OR maybe: when standing still and pressing button plus up arrow you look up, but when moving forward and pressing the same combo you’d jump (because jumping in place doesn’t make much sense anyway)?

  • I’ve had an idea that I could make a timelapse video of Pokitto programming – I’d probably record the whole creation of some small game [what game?]. The reasons being I like timelapses and if I share it on my social platforms, it could bring more people to Pokitto. If any of you wants to do this as well, I’ll be very happy to watch your timelapses. We could also learn a thing or two from each other’s workflows.


Those screenshots are very athmosperic! I am thinking to use your color palette ( or other fixed palette) in PZero to to get more “depth shading”.

Have you considered supporting @jonne’s pex plugin to get extra controls?

If you want just an example app to your time-lapse video, @FManga was requesting someone to make a time setup app.


I wanted to suggest this actually! (I’ve forgotten) A little how to:

Definitely gonna buy it! If possible though, I’d like the game to be playable with vanilla Pokitto. Anyway, there could be an in-game setting for extended controls. Thanks for the idea.

Going to check it out :slight_smile:


@drummyfish I’ve been thinking about the controls issue.

I would sacrifice the menu/change weapon for the shoot/strafe/jump actions.

Either we can use the button at the back for menu or use some sort of a A+B+C to open it.

I probably must also add a system that disables the default C+left/right volume controls


The back button is a possibility? I didn’t think of that. That would be the solution. The combo suggestion for menu could also work. Thanks!


Floors are up:



  • For simplicity/performance/memory reasons I allow only one height level to be textured. You can still use different textures at that level. If you hack around a bit, you may find ways to approximate texturing on different levels and ceiling as nothing is preventing you from drawing textures anywhere (just the texture coordinates are only explicitly computed for one level).
  • X-resolution is halved here again because floor is demanding.
  • Feature-wise this will probably be it. My focus will now be on polishing and getting to demo release.
  • I haven’t addressed the floor inaccuracy bug yet, but it can’t be seen here anyway.
  • Discovered a GIF pro tip: don’t scale the gif up (as I used to do it), upload it in native size and scale it via Markdown – it saves a lot of space and loading will be faster.


view into outer space:



Thanks! That first script could be useful even in my current, optimized, palette system. I should make a test how the game would look with your fixed palette.


the minecraft one is really neat, I had to delete the other two when they were on the memory card I couldn’t scroll down the list for some reason