Pokitto GET!11

Pokitto arrived today! and it is every bit as awesome as it looks here, super easy to use and feels great in the hand!

I like that the intro is part of teh memory card so you can see it again, is it possible to make your own faces .bin ?

now I need to learn how to program with it, so I can make that set of mini games.

Thanks @jonne for such a neat device!


No prob Rob! Great that you’re now a Pokitto owner!


How do I set the time and date?

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Go to the loader by pressing C at startup. Then press Right to go to settings tab. Scroll down list to get to time/date settings. They are automatically stored when set


Cool, nothing showed up in the menu the last time I selected it but it works now

Which IDE are you going to use?

If you haven’t chosen one yet, can I suggest VSCode with PlatformIO?

(I can’t tell what OS you’re on, but it doesn’t look like Windows from here.)

OS X though I’m looking for a used windows 10 unit to possibly use for trying to learn this

You should be able to use Visual Studio Code with PlatformIO on OS X.
(OS X compatibility is one of the big reasons I pushed for it. I don’t own a Mac but I know someone who does.)

Grab a copy of VSCode:

Then go over to the extensions bar and search for PlatformIO, find it and install it (the icon should be a little orangey ant/alien head thing).

Then follow the instructions on the PokittoIO repo:

Let me know if you get stuck.

@adekto published a tutorial demonstrating this, but with really quiet sound:

Hopefully that should be enough of guide for you

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