Pokitto games/programs playable in browser

I am wondering if there are any plans to make Pokitto games accessible to people who do not own one?

I know that anyone can download the simulator to their pc and run them there, but I am thinking of something more user friendly.

How feasible it would be to run a Pokitto simulator in the browser? This way we could either host the games on pokitto website for anyone to check out, or allow the authors to put them in html5 wrapper and host them on places like itch.io

I think it would be good for both the authors and Pokitto. Authors could get more exposure for their games as more players would be able to play them. By extent, more people would be introduced to Pokitto which would generate more sales.

its well intended and i see the pico8 all over that idea.
problem is c++ is pretty hard to emulate on javascript vm without slowdowns especially on the lower end and phones and running compiled arm code might be even harder
its not impossible i have seen the gamebuino web emulator

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There is Emscripten and Webassembly and asm.js nowadays that allow even running of Unreal Tournament 99 in the browser at great speeds. I’m not familiar with their workings, but i’d say it’s more then possible to do that :wink:

i think the question is more, who knows emscripten/asm.js well enough and wants to put in the effort

Pokitto -> asmjs works and has been tested already. EDIT: because it was designed that way

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any eurly version we can play with? would help with people trying to show off the little games we are making

I am up to my neck in work. I will upload a working game on Pokitto.com when I get a free moment

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sorry we know your busy my bad

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@adekto No Problems!!!

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That’s awesome news @jonne.
I am really excited that we will be able to share the games outside of Pokitto!

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It seems my emscripten environment is set up only on my other machine, which I can not access right now. I will have to come back to this tomorrow.

SDL2 was chosen as the simulator graphics lib exactly because Emscripten works so well with SDL2