Pokitto API preview

this is Doxygen generated list of classes and members, Will be cleaned up & commented MUCH better before kits are shipped

this is only the core lib. SD card functions, chip synth and physics are separate, as well as other ported libs (arduboy, ardutones etc)




This is really interesting! Seems like a nice way to browse the code and see the possibilities of what can be created with it. Good job

Question for setDefaultPalette()
what colors and in what order is the Default palette?

Pico-8 palette in same order. Doesnt really matter: changing palettes is very easy. I dont know why gamebuino2 has a set palette

same reason as pico-8.

ok ill do some art with this pallet then
but don’t you want to saturate the values a little, pico8 are a little washed out, just as a default

On a PC with millions of colours and gigabytes of RAM I understand the concept of artificial limitations.

On a 32kb device with 16 colors you have real limitations. I don’t understand adding an additional one. I have been playing around with the Pokitto for a year. The ability to do palette rotations and slides allows really cool effects.

how many pallets can you display on screen simultaneously?
example here with 4 palettes would this work?

Yes that is possible. You can display 38 720 palettes simultaneously, if you want (change palette for every pixel)

Naturally it would slow the display down.

If you want to do “oldskool scanline palette switch tricks” like on C64 … they will work.

How can I change palette?
Considering this snippet, does it should change palette for every bitmap draw?

for(int i=0;i<MAX_ENTITIES;i++)


In a screenbuffered mode (110x88@16 and 220x176@4) the screenbuffer contains indexes to active palette. So 1 palette at a time for entire screen. So you can’t (yet) draw sprites each with a different palette. But there are some ideas how to do that as well, nothing implemented though

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