Pokitteam lets build a game together

hi everyone, looking to assemble a team of programmers and artists of any skill level.
this came up as there a few abandoned or unfinished games around (im guilty of that as well)

the game i have in mind is a platformer of some kind, but the goal is to design the game as a modular game engine so its easier to read and add/remove functionality for anyone of us.
will mostly be more focused on teaching good code design and structure and teamwork

  • i want to join up as a programmer
  • i want to join up as a artist

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Good idea :slight_smile:
I was thinking the same yesterday.

What I had in mind was to create a game together with focus on clean code etc.
Maybe use github, kanban board, travis and what not.
And maybe in the meanwhile write some tutorials on the forums here what the things we learned.

I am a bit confused with what you want to do? Do you want to write an engine or just a game that can be reused by others as a skeleton?

Either way, sign me up. :blush:

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i would like to set it from the start to isolate the core engine from the variable customised feature of a game. im not sure yet what the game or games we are going for yet
i have a little work done on platformers on pokitto

wich is one of the potential targets this engine could go for
but would also be up to do a mario style and a castlevania style

having a couple of these “targets” alows us to see where we have to abstract or make it modular

maybe its a good start to see wich games we would like to emulate
im thinking mario, megaman, contra, and more generic metroidvania

please tell me if this is to ambitious

I would like to help, so im in. But be gentle this is all new to me :smile:

We’re all a team here already. So I’ll be honest. If we’d like to cover a larger range of genres for Pokitto; may I suggest something besides a platformer?

Either way the more games the merrier but Pokitto is desperately missing a sort of RPG styled game as well!

I feel like I’ll do my first on my own, but I’m not against joining later (but first I have to get a pokitto !)

i agree that we are lacking an rpg. but for a first project for a team it might be a bit rough
with not everyone having the experience

im definitely not against it but there also many kinds or rpg from the classic top down turn based systems to action combat and many other things

its going to be easyer to talk about this in a chat so heres an open invite to anyone who wants to join up i made a discord group

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who said a platformer couldnt be a RPG ?

Aren’t the main thing in a RPG the story and immersion though? That might need writer skills as well haha

Except if you were more talking about including RPG elements (like levels, experience, growable/customisable stats/skills/capacities/talents/competences, quests, unlockable areas, …)

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i like the part about playable anime :slight_smile:

Count me in as interested, although I’ve been busier than I would like lately. I have coded a platformer engine for the gamebuino (for a game I haven’t finished), so I do have some experience with that.

Regarding an RPG, I made a full mini-turn-based-RPG for the Gamebuino that I was thinking of porting and enhancing for the Pokitto, but I was waiting due to lack of time and the fact that I’m not an artist. If someone is interested in creating new color graphics for an RPG, I think an enhanced port could be made fairly quickly.

I’m interested, my coding style is a bit unreadable and just plain wrong in some cases. However I do think we need to quickly get some 'starting point’s examples for people.

need a re-invite, this one is no work :frowning:

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