Playing 44kHz stereo sound with USBAudio

Flash the bin to your Pokitto, then make sure USB cable is connected and start the program. You should hear Pokitto play bongos and tambourine in 44 kHz 16 bit stereo. If not, you might need to tweak some settings on your operating system to actually hear the sound from USB input.


You can play along by tapping A, B and C buttons. Use d-pad to mute right or left channel.

Bin: USBAudio.bin (89.3 KB)
FemtoIDE project: (57.1 KB)


I can’t figure out which kind of settings so change to make it work, both on windows 10 and macOS Catalina, any hints besides the traditional “use another OS”?

I wanna play bongos with my pokitto :stuck_out_tongue:

Search for instructions on how to output USB audio input/microphone to speakers. I found this for windows 10:

On my linux it shows as “Mbed Audio Digital Stereo (IEC958)” in sound input devices. I was able to record the sound with no problems but to directly hear the sound from Pokitto I had to add loopback module from command line:
pactl load-module module-loopback latency_msec=1

Then on the Recording tab of pavucontrol, select Show All Streams (at the bottom) and select Mbed Audio as source for the loopback module.

But it’s not being detected as a microphone device at all. The first thing I did was trying to record it with audacity, and whatever I tried, the only noise I could get was the regular mic’s one.

Has anyone else tried on windows 10?

doest work for me either.