Pi: 400 computer

Just saw that the rpi foundation put out another device, the pi 400 desktop computer.

Gotta say, every time I think “I’m done buying pi’s” they go and put something out that makes me want it. Haha


Yeah that is a cool little device, I’m hoping that the foundation gets these things in schools in the us and England with a program like the bbc did with the beeb and honestly the 400 could be made into an actual laptop and would be something other than those Internet needed to work chrome books.
My boy has one issues by his school and it’s pathetic 8 g storage and a sd slot but nothing works unless you’re online.

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When I first heard about chromebooks I was super excited until I learned about the software. That was an instant turn off and I cannot bring myself to consider using such a device now.
But! I don’t have to, since I have a Pinebook Pro

This would be amazing, but unfortunately I don’t quite see it happening in the US. Folks here are pretty sold on iPads or Chromebooks. The Chromebooks win a lot due to the integrated Google classroom and services. But I can not justify the “online” requirement just to use the important pieces of software.
At least with the pi:400 you can use a microSD card with a significantly higher storage than 8BG!

I’m definitely going to be using devices more like the pi or pinebook for my children’s education.


Agreed, I try to teach mine with the real computers around the house like my Mac, the windows laptop and the pi. He has that chrome book from school but like you said Internet required.

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