Palette for the pokitto

Just a little demonstration of style and palette of color you could use with pokitto.


This is the current working pallet that I’ll be using going forward for my games, minus the artwork that other artists contribute to my Warring Hands TCG.

    0,      //White
    65535,  //Black
    29582,  //Gray
    32865,  //Dark Red
    47234,  //Red
    54580,  //Light Red
    27554,  //Dark Green
    33989,  //Green
    44693,  //Light Green
    12913,  //Dark Blue
    21527,  //Blue
    38331,  //Light Blue
    22785,  //Dark Brown
    31300,  //Brown
    60973,  //Yellow
    63220   //Tan

It’s based off of my branding, but may be adjusted and released in some tutorials or something.

This is my avatar that I recreated with it: