Online Python Editor freezes


Online Python Editor freezes quite often (I am using Chrome). Today, about once or twice in an hour. The page (pyinsky) is just not responsive any more. The debug console do not show any errors or warnings. I have to reload the page. Often the editor has automatically saved the latest changes so nothing is lost, but not always.

Was this something that used to happen before? :thinking:

Yes, but not so often.


It’s because of the heat.


I am pretty sure it is the moon… :wink:

The heat might not make the Python editor freeze, but it’s certainly broken me.

(Actually the heat I could just about live with, it’s the humidity that makes it worse.)

maybe I’ve missed something, but at the moment the online python IDE doens’t seem to work
I’m facing with these strange behaviours:

  • The compilation works only with TAS flag, but I wanted to experiment with drawing primitives
  • If I modify the source, its not reflected in the compiled program, I had to refresh the whole page several times. I’ve aslo tried delete the browser - cache - data, eg. local storage / indexDB…
  • In non-TAS mode the c++ compiler throws error, like this:

Try PyInSky instead of PokittoPython. PokittoPython is a pre-release version and currently it has some issues.


hey, it works indeed!
thank you for the hint
you’ve saved my python self studies :wink:


@FManga if you at some point have time to look at this (PokittoPython), here are the error messages:

PokittoPython contains TASUI, while PyInSky does not.

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I’m going to have to update PokittoLib to fix the problem, but that’s going to break other things. It’s going to take me a little while. >_<