[OBSOLETE Tutorial][Advanced]1.Programming Pokitto "offline" using EmBitz IDE

AFAIK, that’s all there is to it, though take that with a grain of salt since I don’t use EmBitz.
What project does it fail to compile?

The hello word example. The inline errors are in PokittoLib files though. Maybe the PokittoLib advanced while this IDE didn’t?

I also had a go at the Femto IDE and but discovered the GCC binaries are 64-bit only (my main PC is still 32-bit) :joy:

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cries in aarch64
I understand :sweat_smile:

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Ah, now I remember: The version of GCC that comes with EmBitz was ancient and didn’t support C++17. If you download the latest one you’ll be able to get either EmBitz or FemtoIDE to work.

I finally managed to get it compiled :smiley:

Downloaded gcc-arm-none-eabi-9-2020-q2-update-win32.zip from here and unzipped it into C:\Program Files\EmBitz\1.11\share\em_armgcc folder

It always satisfying when you get something working :slight_smile:

@FManga I just did :slight_smile: Thanks for the help