Nyan nyan

Just stumbled upon this:

Now I really want a cat-ear hat and whisker faceplate.
I don’t have have access to a 3D printer, maybe I can find some cardboard?


I almost bought that like 4 times. But I already have 2 micro bits that I’m not using because the development tools aren’t really fun for me to use :joy:

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If they had C++ and a Discourse forum I’d contemplate it,
but Scratch-like programming, Python programming, Discord and Slack aren’t for me.

Not even being cat themed is enough to compensate.
(And the world needs more cat-themed consoles.)

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The block stuff can alternatively be in JavaScript. That’s what I used. But… still not the most enjoyable experience xD

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I think I’d rather use the block stuff… :P

I was running into a particular issue so I need the finer control to see what was going on. But it was all fruitless and I couldn’t figure it out… (was trying to make a compass that also had a clock built in. But for some reason it was doinking up…)