[News] A word from Jonne

Hello all!

I have been away a lot lately. I have thought about abandoning the Pokitto project several times past few months, because I have been so overloaded with work and other things I needed to do.

However, a couple of days ago I came to the realization, that I have no need to stop doing this. There are gadgets I want to try, nothing is stopping me from continuing to tinker along with Pokitto. Furthermore, I am starting a new job that is hopefully a bit less demanding on my nerves.

I hope to see you all around and I will begin to get back on track with Pokitto things as well.



I’m much relieved to know things can continue :slight_smile: I know for sure I’ll be around as much as I can.

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Glad to have you back. I’ve really come to love this gadget and its community.

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thinking about abandoning because more important things are going on, but keeping at it anyway is enough proof of commitment for me!

count me in!

good luck for the new job :wink:

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